Acrylic paint Bottle 300 ml


Acrylic paint

Bottle 300 ml

Acrylic paint, bottle with flow-control cap, 22 colours.
Here you have a large amount of paint and the flow-control-cap is perfect to keep it always well protected. 22 different tones are waiting for you: you will be able to express all your artistic talents and thanks to gold and silver, you can add a magic touch!
CE0-34+WashingMade in Italy new
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Water-based acrylic paint with high amount of pigments and resin, in bottle with a flow-control cap, in a range of 22 colours. It can be easily applied with a brush and once dry colours remain vivid and bright. It adheres to any type of surfaces; stencils, spatulas and sponges are ideal tools to valorize the creative potential of this paint. By mixing the colours together new tones can be obtained. When it perfectly dries, it does not scratch even if applied in multiple layers and it is permanent. While using it, clothes and work surfaces should be covered. Stains should be removed immediately following the instructions provided. Remove safety under cap before use.

21.5x14.5x16.7 cm
2.3 kg