Colours made of imagination and wishes

With PRIMO we decided to embark on a journey to discover unknown colours in the world. To be able to do so, we relied on our best creatives: children. We launched the #NewColourCandidate competition on our social media. SuperBlu, Everanto, Violino, Rossomarte, MielOro, Verdemondo are some of the many invented colours that we have selected for this pack of poster paint.

Colours made of imagination and wishes.

Their names sound mysterious and evoke the dreams of their inventors: the colour of the sky, the scent of the forest, the passion for music, the planet where you would like to hide to evade from school, summer, autumn, the planet earth, and the hope for a better future!

The world has infinite colours, and every child has the ability to invent new ones. These are the ones chosen by us at PRIMO, in the hope of inspiring many children to create thousands and thousands more!

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