The best of our products

6 colours75 ml
Premium ready-mix poster paint with flow-control nozzle, 6 colours.
8 colours50 ml
High quality poster paint with flow-control nozzle, 8 colours: 4 fluorescent and 4 metallic colours.
4 colours40 ml
Finger paint in pot, 4 colours.
6 colours40 ml
Finger paint in pot, 6 colours.

Coloured news

Art, colours and food: “Il Teatro del Pane” in Treviso
Teatro del Pane (Theatre of Bread) is an experience that combines the art of making food with that of performance. Cooking and theatre may seem like t...
The paediatric oncology day hospital of Padua gets restyled
A good news from our city: this week has started a project to paint the walls of the Pediatric Oncology Day Hospital of Padua, thanks to a collaborati...
Primo al 2021 Big Buyer in Bologna!
After almost two years spent of digital interactions and social distances, we are happy to announce that on November 10, 11 and 12 we Morocolor Italia...
PRIMO at KIDS Festival in Padua to celebrate Giotto and his Cielo Stellato
On July 22nd, Padua, our beloved city, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its thirteenth-century pictorial cycles. Eight cycles have beco...
Rethinking our spaces and "rebelling a little": Manifesto dell'Abitare at Fuorisalone 2021
Over the past year, we have been forced to reconsider what home means to us. In different ways and for different reasons, we have come face-to-face wi...
Good news from Öko Test!
When you're immersed in your day-to-day work, it is sometimes easy to emphasize the negatives more than the positives. Every once in a while thou...