The best of our products

6 colours75 ml
High quality poster paint with flow-control nozzle, 6 colours.
8 colours50 ml
High quality poster paint with flow-control nozzle, 8 colours: 4 fluorescent and 4 metallic colours.
4 colours40 ml
Finger paint in pot, 4 colours.
6 colours40 ml
Finger paint in pot, 6 colours.

Coloured news

Rethinking our spaces and "rebelling a little": Manifesto dell'Abitare at Fuorisalone 2021
Over the past year, we have been forced to reconsider what home means to us. In different ways and for different reasons, we have come face-to-face wi...
Good news from Öko Test!
When you're immersed in your day-to-day work, it is sometimes easy to emphasize the negatives more than the positives. Every once in a while thou...
"Bridging a Systemic Gap": Still I Rise for the Education of Refugee and Vulnerable Children
For thousands of Italian children, going back to school is a matter of few weeks. This year, the reopening of schools has generated particular discuss...
Bringing sharing back to the court: Reyer summer camp
From June 14th to July 9th 2021, after a one-year break due to the pandemic, UMANA Reyer organized its basketball camp "dedicated to young lionesses a...
Circondiamoci d’arte - June 20th, 2021
On Sunday, June 20th, 2021, was held the event Circondiamoci d'Arte, taking place simultaneously in the cities of Padua, Venice, Mestre and Treviso.
Colours made of imagination and wishes
We embarked on a journey to discover unknown colours in the world. To be able to do so, we relied on our best creatives: children.