Discover our Primo glues

Our glues are rich in adhesive agents; they are suitable for different surfaces and available in many sizes, each designed for every need. With our vinyl glue you can glue almost everything: paper, cardboard, wood, textiles and other materials, but you can also use it for different creative activities like sticking coloured sand on a piece of paper if you miss the sea... You can use it as well as a glossy varnish. 
Our water-based glue film glue is suitable for many materials and it is safe even for the youngest ones! Check out the design of our new bottle with flow-control nozzle and the new 250 g size.

Vinyl glue, without filler, with transparent film with high adhesive power on paper and similar materials. It dries fast. 100% Made in Italy formulation without solvents or preservatives that can possibly cause sensitizing / allergenic effects (labeling free). Gluten and casein free. In case of stains, treat immediately.
Transparent water-based glue based on polyvinyl alcohol. The formulation complies with CE safety requirements and EN 71 / 1-2-3-9 standards. Formulation free of solvents, it dries slowly. Transparent and very glossy film with high adhesive power on various types of paper and similar materials. Free of gluten, casein and other allergenic substances.
It is easy to wash.
Thanks to our practical bottle-emptier, not a single drop will be wasted!