Circondiamoci d'Arte is back! 2022, Second Edition

Circondiamoci d'Arte is back! 

In June 2021, we had organized the first edition of Circondiamoci d'Arte, dedicated to parents and children, to find a shared dimension of artistic creation after the pandemic. Given its success, we decided to organize a second edition, this time with the new theme.

A new theme: Intergenerational exchange

The second edition was developed in collaboration with Obbiettivo Arredo and Vega Association. This time, we want to bring together, through art, people of very different age groups: children and the elderly. The recovery of a shared social dimension is fundamental to the fabric of the city, and artistic expression can become the point of union between different generations. Intergenerational exchange in recent years has struggled to find space, but it is an asset that cannot be overlooked

The activity

When? The event will be held on Sunday, Oct. 16 in two shifts, the first from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m and the secondo from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Where? at the Pescheria market in Rialto, Venice.


Artist and illustrator Giuliana Donati will guide children in choosing a word, image or message to compose through a shared artistic creation. Each participant will have a blackboard and Jumbo Primo chalks on which they will create his or her part of the artwork. At the end of the activity, the works will be combined on a single medium to form a single final work containing the message for the elderly. The final artwork will then be photographed, printed, framed and sent to the RSAs in Venice Old Town. At the same time, a donation will be made to the association "Friends of the Order of Malta - Venice ODV Delegation," which works with volunteer activities in local RSAs. Each participant will then receive a gift of chalks, along with the support used. When the event is over, a donation of chalks and blackboards will also be made to the volunteer association, which will act and bring them inside the RSA of Venice historic center to carry out animation activities with the elderly. 

How? One can sign up through this Eventbrite link: 

The importance of sharing

The activity carried out by the children is shared at a distance, like a portal that connects the two worlds. The tool (chalk and blackboard) becomes the point of contact and sharing, a witness that passes between children and elders through gestures and colors. This event aims to bring back color and the value of a simple gesture both inside the RSAs and outside with children's activities, recovering what has been suspended in these pandemic years.

Are you between 6 and 11 years old?

Feel like spending a few hours drawing with beautiful chalks? Come have fun and help us create a collective work of art! Not only that...You will also be able to contribute to a cause that is very close to our hearts! 

The participants and the idea

The activity is aimed at children and their families, to design and create a work of art that sends a message of closeness to the elderly, and specifically to and guests of RSAs. Involvement will also extend to some elementary school classes in historic downtown Venice. The project starts with the idea of recovering gestures that are ancient and contemporary at the same time, proposing a guided art activity, making use of chalk. The choice of Jumbo chalk allows to bring to light one of the many possible points of encounter and contact between generations, so similar and so different, through a drawing tool that unites them both. 

The need for social relationships for older people

The pandemic has profoundly changed the way we live our cities and build social relationships. Perhaps the category most affected-both by the consequences of contracting the disease and the psychological and social ones- has been the elderly. One of the aspects to consider in this context is the decrease in social interaction produced by social distancing, which has had a negative impact on the mental and physical health of many older people. During the pandemic, many community facilities and organizations were closed as a preventive measure; consequently, social participation was drastically reduced and in many cases cancelled. For the elderly, this meant, for example, having to give up family visits, an essential component of their psychological well-being. Among the recommendations for improving the mental health status of the older population is the need to strengthen social ties. The aim of Obbiettivo Arredo, Morocolor Italia and Associazione Vega is therefore to come together to organize a moment of social sharing that can send a positive message precisely to the elderly.

If you wish, please join us by making a small donation as well. Follow these details: 
"Friends of the Order of Malta - Venice Delegation ODV" 
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