Chalks 22 Jumbo


22 Jumbo

round Ø 18 x 80 mm
Calcium carbonate antidust sidewalk chalks, in bucket of 22 pieces, 7 colours.
Our jumbo sidewalk chalks are huge! We dedicate them to all thechildren who like to play on the ground, who want to leave a message outside the front door or draw a beautiful painting as a gift for all the people passing by.
CE0-33+Made in Italy new
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Sidewalk chalks, in a bucket of 22, seven colours. These are soft, calcium sulfate based cylindrical chalks, in jumbo form to draw extensively. They can be used on any surface and are suitable for painting and drawing in soft chromatic tones. Perfect even for the youngest artists. Easily washable.

40x25x13.9 cm
5 kg