Morocolor joins FSC Forest Week

31 percent of our Planet's land area is currently covered by forest ecosystems, totaling about 4 billion hectares of forests. Forests help regulate the water cycle, prevent flooding, and provide food and shelter for animals and living things. As well as being home to about two-thirds of the living species, animal and plant, that are known to us: more than one million different species.

Morocolor believes that preserving forests is one of the key elements in safeguarding our planet. That is why we espouse the mission of FSC®, Forest Stewardship Council®, and have decided to join Forest Week 2022

What is Forest Week?

The format was first launched in 2008 as Forest Friday with the goal of spreading knowledge about the state of forests and the importance of taking action, as individuals and as companies, to protect them. Since then, it has continued to grow and engage more and more people around the world. In 2021, more than 30 countries participated in this big celebration and the hashtag #FSCFriday reached 1.2 million people. Given the positive response, FSC has decided to make the 2022 edition even more interesting by dedicating an entire week to raising awareness about forests

Why Forest Week?

"Every year," FSC warns, "the threat to our forests increases, complicit in climate change and illegal deforestation." For 25 years, FSC has been working to take care of forests and the people and animal species that depend on them. Indeed, the Forest Stewardship Council certification is a guarantee that the wood, paper and other forest products purchased come from well-managed forests and/or recycled material. In this context, everyone can make a difference. That's why we join FSC in asking everyone to celebrate Forest Week together with millions of people around the world, sharing their love of forests with friends and colleagues and shining a spotlight on the role people can play against deforestation and illegal logging. Simple actions, such as looking for FSC® stickers when choosing which companies to buy your products from, are all it takes to ensure that those who manufacture them do so in a way that respects and protects forest environments. 

FSC® Certification

FSC® certification identifies and recognizes only products containing wood or paper that come from forests that are managed properly and responsibly according to the strictest environmental, social and economic standards. Morocolor has always been careful to provide products that protect the environment and forests, and we are proud to be able to demonstrate this to those who buy our colors, thanks to obtaining the FSC® certification, which we have maintained since 2017. A commitment that we are happy to continue renewing.