Our commitment to the future

Our focus on customers also means caring for the environment. Children are the future: we have a responsibility to work sustainably to preserve the planet for future generations. That is why we work every day for creativity, with commitment and great passion, trying to contribute to building a more colourful world.

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Continuous improvement, starting with simple things  

Sustainability starts with the simplest and most concrete things: in 2022, an underfloor heating system was installed in the new production facility. This allows us to completely eliminate gas consumption, saving a total of 539000Kw of gas per year. The system also reuses the heat produced by the compressors on the production site and requires lower temperatures to heat the room.  

Lean production: reducing waste, towards a circular system  

As of 2018, we have implemented a Lean production system, the Japanese production philosophy that has the elimination of waste as core value. This allows us to avoid production waste as much as possible and, when there is any, to reintroduce it into the process, generating a circular system. All chalk, watercolour tablets and powder, and wax crayons waste is reintroduced into the production system. We also apply the same principle to packaging, choosing recyclable materials, special caps for the safety of children and especially designing containers that can be used and reused for other functions. The idea is that every 'waste', both production and finished products, can have a new life.

Waste management: recycling and disposal  

Unavoidable waste is managed by recycling materials through meticulous upstream sorting. Morocolor's philosophy is monitoring what happens to its waste once it leaves their facility.  Plastic residues, for example, are ground and given to specialised companies, to recycle them and turn them into new objects. The residual sludge from our water purification system is given to a brick producer. 

Towards a greener planet: offsetting emissions  

In order to offset emissions that cannot be avoided, we work with Treedom and Treebu, two different but complementary reforestation projects.  

With Treedom we planted three forests in seven countries, for a total of 575 trees and 130.35 tonnes of Co2 sequestered.   

With Treebu we planted in 2023 the first 100 Paulonia trees in the province of Verona, a few kilometres from our headquarters. The sequestration of Co2 can be monitored on their website.

Our photovoltaic plant  

Since 2010 Morocolor’s facility, where more than 95 per cent of the products in our catalogue are made, has been run by means of solar power and lit by LED lighting. 

Thanks to an expansion, the photovoltaic system has reached 475 KW in 2022, and for the remaining power supply, Morocolor uses exclusively 100% GO-certified green energy. As proof of our commitment, we obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification. Morocolor was also included among Forbes' 100 most sustainable Italian companies in 2021 and 2022.