Circondiamoci d’arte - June 20th, 2021

On Sunday, June 20th, 2021, Morocolor Italia S.p.A., a company producing colors for since 1933, based in Padua, and Strategy Innovation, a spin-off of the University Ca' Foscari of Venice, organized the event Circondiamoci d'Arte, taking place simultaneously in the cities of Padua, Venice, Mestre and Treviso.

Inspired and guided by a different artist in each city, pairs formed by a child and an adult created an artwork together, with canvases, easel and tempera colors.
At the end of the creative activity itself, all canvases were placed next to each other to create a larger, more beautiful and complete common work.

The aim of Circondiamoci d'Arte was to bring the act of artistic creation back to its shared and collective dimension, in order to start again with positive energy after a year spent mostly isolated and at home. Through the creation of the final work, it the message was spread that if everyone dedicates themselves with passion and attention to making their own part of the world better, the entire planet will benefit.

In the four cities, children and adults successfully collaborated to create a common vision: a first one imagined by the single couple and then a second one, thanks to the intervention of the artist, bringing all the works together.

Given the great satisfaction obtained from the first edition, the partners are thinking to organize a second one with the idea of making Circondiamoci d'Arte a permanent periodic project.


See the galleries below, or click here to access the videos!