Morocolor Italia S.p.A. is certified according to internationally recognized management standards. The Certifications include quality, safety, environmental compliance, organizational and corporate management culture.

Morocolor possess the following Certifications: 

Claims on social responsibility system 

For warnings, suggestions or complaints you should contact: 

  • by e-mail at: segnalazione@morocolor.it; suggerimenti@morocolor.it 
  • through SA8000:2014 Certification Body TUV ITALIA all’indirizzo: tuv.ms@tuv.it (TÜV Italia srl Via Carducci 125 ed 23 I-20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI) tel: +39 02 24130.1) 
  • through Social Accountability Accreditation Service (SAAS) Social Accountability Accreditation Service all’indirizzo mail: saas@saasaccreditation.org ( SAAS: Social Accountability Accreditation Services c/o 15 West 44th Street, 6th Floor – New York – NY 10036 USA tel. +1-212-391-2106 ext 223, extension 204) 

All complaints and suggestions will be treated with the highest confidentiality and for all those who request it, anonymity will be assured. 
Moreover we would like to point out that for complaints by a third party regarding the Corporate Social Responsibility any undertaken actions will be indicated in the social report. This is updated once a year.