Primo al 2021 Big Buyer in Bologna!

After almost two years spent of digital interactions and social distances, we are happy to announce that on November 10, 11 and 12 we Morocolor Italia S.p.a. will be at the Big Buyer in Bologna. We would like to thank Edinova for the work and perseverance that they have put in to allow us all to meet at the fair in presence and safety. We think that being able to have a personal exchange is fundamental for the quality of work and human relationship. We are happy to be back and look forward to seeing you! 

At the fair we will present our new Slime Sets all made in Italy, obtained thanks to our fantastic Primo glues, transparent and glossy, solvent-free and gluten-free. The two fantastic sets allow you to obtain a large amount of elastic slime, fun and disgusting in a quick and easy way: just add the activator to the glues and mix well. You can produce endless new shades, even the pearlescent one with the new sparkling set! 

In addition to this particular novelty, produced in Italy with clean energy, designed to stimulate creativity and develop the senses, there is another topic dear to us that we would like to bring to the fair: that of social responsibility. Dealing mainly with products for children, we think of responsibility above all by thinking of their future. In this historical moment, we cannot look ahead without taking into account the well-being of the planet. That's why we take care to produce and work in the most sustainable way possible, to try to leave the next generations a more beautiful world. In an effort to achieve this goal, along with many other projects, we have equipped ourselves with a 200kw photovoltaic system to cut down on energy consumption derived from fossil fuels, we reuse a lot of our production waste, and we design PP containers that are reusable, such as briefcases, jars, and cases. 

We hope that the Big Buyer will be a good opportunity to discuss these issues together and find new ideas. We look forward to seeing you from 10 to 12 November at the fair in Bologna!