Sets for early artists

Learning opportunities, fun and lots of experiments with mixed techniques and useful accessories in these content-rich sets.

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Mixed case12 ml, Ø 30 mm
Fantasia: case with 14 poster colour tubes and 15 watercolours Ø 30 mm.
Mixed fun and paint box43 pcs
Mixed fun and paint box: case with 12 watercolours Ø 30 mm, 8 Jumbo wax crayons, 14 poster paints, 1 brush, 1 pencil HB, 6 stencils.
Mixed colour and draw box55 pcs
Mixed colour and draw box: case with 24 Minabella pencils, 24 super washable fibre-tip pens, 1 pencil HB and 6 stencils.
4 colours set100 g
Finger paint in pot, 4 colours. Multipurpose case containing 6 stencils, 1 sponge, 1 sponge roller, 1 jumbo brush, 1 mat.
6 colours set44 ml
Premium poster paint in pot, 6 colours. Multipurpose case containing 2 sponges, 3 sponge brushes, 1 mat.
36 jumbo + 36 fine fibre-tiptip Ø 2.5 mm, tip Ø 7.6 mm
36 superwashable fine and 36 Jumbo fibre-tip pens, in bucket of 72 pieces, 12 colours, 3 washable stencils.