Creativity rhymes with safety

At Morocolor we love paint, creativity and the imagination to allow everybody - adults but children above all - to express themselves with freedom and safety. That is why we take great care to ensure the quality of our products. We invest time and resources every day to assure the highest level of safety for our products, in particular the finger paint line Ditacolor, addressed to the youngest children.

Our laboratory consists of five experts responsible for safety tests on our products and all raw materials, exceeding the standard whenever possible. Almost all of our poster paint is already produced in compliance with a new, stricter regulation that will come into force in 2017.

Not only do we take extreme care regarding the substances contained in our products but we also always document on the label all key information with relative instructions about how to use the paint and how to remove stains.

A consumer product magazine recently analyzed 10 different types of finger paints in order to verify their conformity to the legal limits regarding hazardous, sensitizing or allergenic substances and completeness of information on the label. Primo 6 Ditacolor and Primo Ditacolor Set  was awarded first place both in terms of chemical safety and labeling, obtaining all points assigned to the best product.

Our finger paint is suitable for children under 3 years, is water-based and is dermatologically tested. Smooth, thick and pleasant to the touch it is perfect even for the youngest artists. Its formula is specific for hand application on different materials such as paper, cardboard and more and is also available in a textile version, which does not require setting on the textile and is permanent, ideal for decorate summer t-shirts!

Colours are vivid and luminous, and we even created some pearlescent colours to obtain a unique effect. They can also be used on window glass for a fantastic result, but only with permission from mom and dad!