The paediatric oncology day hospital of Padua gets restyled

A good news from our city: this week has started a project to paint the walls of the Pediatric Oncology Day Hospital of Padua, thanks to a collaboration between the artist Barbara Jacopetti and Professor Biffi, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Padua, responsible for the Clinic and the Laboratory of Pediatric Oncoematology and its team. We are happy to give our contribution to this initiative, to try to make life a little more harmonious, even in such a difficult context.

"We all know how beneficial the effects of color can be on our psyche. A more colorful and lively environment can contribute positively to the emotional state," especially to that of "little patients." With these words the artist introduces the new project "The pediatric oncology day hospital of Padua gets restlyled", which follows the previous "Pediatric Oncology dresses up again". 

The idea is to fill the Padua day hospital with drawings in order to give a bit of joy to its patients. The works of art drawn by Barbara, which will portray "funny and colorful characters", will be reproduced on forex, "thanks to the valuable collaboration of the company Italtrading" and will decorate the walls of the department. 

The project will be entirely financed by spontaneous donations, through a campaign on epPela. "Participating in our exciting project would mean in some way contributing to the care of children, giving small moments of lightheartedness and joy." If you would also like to contribute, you can do so at this link

Barbara Jacopetti trained at the European Institute of Design in Milan, which was a starting point for her. She creates her works of art in a spontaneous and sincere way, "without any boundaries between me and my imagination".