5 brushesround-tipped
Blister with 5 pony hair round-tipped brushes.
5 brushesflat-tipped
Blister with 5 bristle flat-tipped brushes.
10 brushesround-and flat-tipped
Set of 5 pony hair round-tipped brushes and 5 bristle flat-tipped brushes, different sizes.
192 brushesround-and flat-tipped
Assorted brushes, handle in natural wood, schoolbox with partition shelves, pony hair and bristle, 192 pieces.
12 pony hair brushesround-tipped
Pony hair round-tipped brush. Suitable for watercolour and poster paint.
12 bristle brushesflat-tipped
Bristle flat-tipped brush. Suitable for oil and acrylic paint.
36 jumbo
Bucket with 36 Jumbo brushes.