Primo School Boxes: a concept for classrooms

Teaching art is serious busines

At Morocolor we have a longstanding experience in the school supply sector. In addition to selling products for art activities, our goal is to try to actively support the teacher's activity. We believe that teaching art is fundamental to the growth and cultural enrichment of children and adolescents. Making art means learning how to express oneself. Creativity and the ability to work in groups are also fundamental skills for personal, academic, and, one day, professional development too. In short: learning art is a game, but a very serious one

The School Boxes Primo

From these considerations, developed over the years, comes our Primo School Box: a concept made into a product, all dedicated to classrooms. Strong, durable and compact, School Boxes are designed for easy storage of colors, during and after classroom use, helping to keep school materials clean, tidy and well organized. With four removable inner trays, they allow the teacher to divide the class into groups by distributing pencils, markers or crayons equally without creating clutter. They can also be piled on top of each other, thus taking up very little space. Primo wax crayons, FSC®-certified pencils, paintbrushes, markers and Easy dò, are available in School Box format.

In school... and beyond!

Although they are designed for classrooms, once they are finished being used at school, Primo School Boxes can also be used at home for organizing other materials. With our products, we always try to give something that can be reused rather than thrown away once the colors are gone: we believe it is important to try to give objects a second life. In any case, having come to the end of their lives, they are environmentally friendly, being completely recyclable.