Morocolor at Paperworld 2016

Again this year, Morocolor took part in Paperworld, an international trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, dedicated to paper products as well as office and stationary items, surely one of the most important events for the entire sector.

After an intense 2015 which was rich in novelties, the show represented for Morocolor a precious occasion to demonstrate its new graphic line to the public and discuss its exciting future projects.

A stream of visitors came to the Morocolor booth, among these several clients and distributors from all over the world, a reminder that Morocolor products are present on the shelves in over 80 countries. These visitors provided overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the new company image and the new catalogue with a range of top quality products. Clients from emerging countries, especially China, expressed a great deal of interest, opening new interesting perspectives for the company.

In a pure white booth with a colored circle - the new logo of the PRIMO line - a large group of old and new company representatives welcomed clients, distributors and curious children, demonstrating the new products, sharing the rich history of the company and allowing the young ones to try the products, as they make the best testers!

The new watercolour boxes were a hit thanks to their new round lines and light and glossy colours on a printed grey background, which lends the product great visibility, in particular for the fluorescent and metallic watercolours.

It was a positive and stimulating experience to collect feedback and advice from industry experts and clients, which gave Morocolor’s team a wealth of new and creative ideas for future projects and strengthened the team spirit. So with Frankfurt already in the past, Morocolor can look to a bright future!