Textile paint

The PRIMO textile paint follows the nature of fabric with great flexibility. Colours are lively and bright, ready to indulge the imagination for a permanent effect. It is produced entirely in Italy with clean energy and packages are recyclable. Our packaging proposals come in the most varied formats and are tailored to the needs of each customer and sales channel: retail shops or supermarkets, online and offline, gift packaging, and large formats for school. It can be applied in a more or less thick layer, and once dry it remains well covering, with  lively and luminous tones. When diluted it can be applied with an airbrush to get a softer hand on the fabric. It does not require ironing but it must be left to dry perfectly for at least 24 hours.

6 colours25 ml
Textile acrylic paint in pot, 6 colours.
Bottle 300 ml
Textile acrylic paint, bottle with flow-control cap, 11 colours.
6 colours for textile300 ml
Display with textile acrylic paint, 6 bottles with flow-control cap.