Back to school - Metallic and fluorescent poster paint to make this day brighter than ever!

Are you ready for a new school year? On Monday, the 12th of September, the majority of Italian schools reopen their doors. The summer break is over and it is time to go back to school. It might be a little tough at the beginning but there are - of course - some positive aspects...

  1. You meet up again with your school mates - Anna, Marco, Lucia... look how Paola has changed! Meeting up with old friends is always nice!
  2. School break - Chatting and exchanging ideas in groups between classes is definitely better than staying home alone.
  3. Extra-curricular activities - It is time to start again with all those activities that will make your school year more fun. The important thing is to get moving!
  4. Getting curious, learning new things, studying and finding out more about the world - It might sound boring... but school will prepare you for the future.
  5. Primo Paint - Our paint will keep you company throughout the whole year. We have so many new products waiting for you... are you ready for them?!

A simple suggestion for all parents: the first day of school is a very important moment, take your children to school and share your feelings with them. Make sure the day before that everything is ready to get to school without worries and on time. It will be a memorable day.

Have a good start everybody!