PRIMO at KIDS Festival in Padua to celebrate Giotto and his Cielo Stellato

On July 22nd, Padua, our beloved city, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its thirteenth-century pictorial cycles. Eight cycles have become part of the Unesco Heritage, organized in a pathway to which the city has given the title of Padova Urbs Picta. Firstly, there are Giotto's frescoes in the Cappella Degli Scrovegni, and then the paintings in the Church of SS. Filippo e Giacomo agli Eremitani, in Palazzo della Ragione, in the Chapel of the Reggia Carrarese, in the Baptistery of the Cathedral, in the Basilica and Convent of the Saint, in the Oratory of San Giorgio and in the Oratory of San Michele.

The frescoes by Giotto inspired an initiative that will take place during the KIDS Festival organized by Pleiadi association in collaboration with the municipality of Padua to which we were happy to adhere. The KIDS Festival is aimed at children and families and will take place in Padua on 15th, 16ht and 17th October 2021: the activities will be many, from "Discover the sky with Galileo" to visits to the Specola museum, to "One species, one thousand ethnic groups", which will take children on a journey to discover the history of different cultures and of mankind, up to the "Energy lab", during which they will be taught the basics necessary to independently understand which are the best energy sources and how they work. 

We at PRIMO have decided to contribute to this wonderful initiative by providing our Minabella pencils to try to break a Guinness World Record! Thanks to more than 70,000 colored pencils and over 50,000 sheets of paper, hundreds of children will get to work and try to create the longest starry sky in the world, in honor of Giotto and our wonderful city. The result we are aiming for is more than 12km of stars. Would you like to help us draw them?

We look forward to seeing you Sunday, October 17th at Palazzo Moroni to begin this adventure together!