Discover the Baptistery of Padova with the new Activity Book sponsored by Morocolor

A brand new publishing product will soon accompany young students on a visit to the Baptistery of Padua Cathedral: "Ti racconto la mia Padova. The Cathedral Baptistery and life at the time of the Signoria Carrarese". The 'Activity Book' is designed to involve young children, which will accompany one of the proposals for schools. The Activity Book is a project of the Diocesan Museum conceived with Kalatà. Morocolor is happy to contribute to the initiative by sponsoring its production. 

The Activity Book: discovering the Baptistery of Padua

The Activity Book combines history, art and play in order to encourage children to enjoy the Baptistery, with its Unesco heritage frescoes, stimulating a sense of participation. "It is important to be able to look at ancient art, to be able to place it in time, and to be able to grasp its contents in the everyday life of the present,' emphasises Andrea Nante, director of the Diocesan Museum of Padua. 'A tool such as the Activity Book has been designed precisely to enrich and make the experience of visiting this site even more 'telling' and personal. Through the activities, co-designed by the partners, the idea is to make the historical and artistic monument accessible also to young children, so that they can approach the world of art in a positive and fun way. 

Approaching beauty: every child can be an artist

Morocolor Italia S.p.A. is proud to take part in any initiative that, like this one, enhances the city's cultural heritage and stimulates creativity, imagination and curiosity towards the world of art in children. We believe that every child can be an artist, and that to nurture their inspiration it is important to come into contact with the beauty, uniqueness and knowledge that art and places of art can transmit. For our part, we are committed to providing tools and a little support so that this can happen, accompanying young and old in the discovery and deepening of their creativity. For this reason, Morocolor will donate its PRIMO brand products, produced right in Padua and with a history of more than ninety years, for the educational and artistic workshops that will be held at the Baptistery and the Diocesan Museum throughout the year. 

The Baptistery of Padua: a monument to (re)discover

Built in the 12th century, the Baptistery of Padua Cathedral is world famous for the cycle of frescoes inside, painted between 1375 and 1378 by Giusto de' Menabuoi. Since 2021, the frescoes have been part of the Unesco heritage, in the context of Padova Urbs Picta. The entire cycle is dedicated to scenes from the New and Old Testament, while on the dome is a Christ Pantocrator, surrounded by angels arranged in concentric circles. The Madonna is also present, accompanied by a double host of angels and a triple host of saints, symbolising the ideal union between the human and the divine. 

The latest restoration of the Baptistery: between art and conservation 

Over the last few years, the Baptistery has undergone several restorations, from the frescoes to the external façade to the implementation of a new way of use, combining physical and digital to complete the visitor experience. In the nine months since the reopening, more than 30,000 people have visited the monument. This demonstrates how taking care of the historical heritage we have inherited is the way to keep it alive.