Safety for our most demanding customers: children! 

All our products are rigorously tested and meet the compliance requirements of our sector. Every colour can be mixed together, even if belonging to different product families, because creativity knows no barriers and flourishes with the use of different techniques and materials. 

Moreover, we declare that the raw materials contained in our products DO NOT CONTAIN: 

  • Wheat, gluten and products thereof 
  • Other cereals containing gluten and products thereof 
  • Eggs and products thereof 
  • Fish and products thereof 
  • Milk, constituents and products thereof 
  • Fruits (dried and fresh fruits) and products thereof 
  • Legumes and products thereof 
  • Latex and products thereof 

The possibility of cross contamination in the manufacturing process is highly unlikely, anyway in case of severely allergic persons, it is recommended to carry out a preliminary test.  

For the official document containing the complete list of product codes and products description that do not contain allergenic and intolerance agents click here.