Window colour

Can colour be turned into an object? Simply apply one or more layers of our window colour onto a plastic sheet and let it dry for one day and one night: it will become a transparent elastic film, which can be attached and detached on glass and on all smooth surfaces. It is available in a set or in loose bottles, in recyclable packages. It is produced entirely in Italy with clean energy. You can apply the paint directly from the bottle with the flow-control nozzle. By painting on a transparent sheet with our Window Colours, you can easily trace an underlying drawing. Tones can be mixed together to create new shades. Results are always intense, transparent and shiny. They remain intact over time.

Bottle 75 ml
Window colour, bottle with flow-control nozzle, 14 colours.
6 colours set75 ml
Window colour, bottle with flow-control nozzle, 6 colours. Multipurpose case containing 1 plastified mat 42x29.7 cm with instructions.