Window colour Bottle 75 ml


Window colour

Bottle 75 ml

Window colour, bottle with flow-control nozzle, 14 colours.
Are you already familiar with our window colour paints? Here you have 14 different tones to create new shapes, decorations and creative combinations. Keep an eye on our blog and discover all different possibilities!
CE0-34+Permanent when dry 2021Made in Italy new
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Window colour paint, in a bottle with a flow-control-nozzle, in a range of 14 colours. This coloured emulsion of high quality is ideal to create shapes that can be moved from one place to another and sticked to different types of surfaces once completely dry. If you put a drawing under a transparent sheet you can trace it. Tones can be mixed together with a stick. Results are always intense, transparent and luminous. Once it dries the colour cannot be washed off.

11x7.5x16.6 cm
0.58 kg