Creative recycling is the Morocolor way!

At Morocolor we are proud of our green spirit and we take the greatest care of to conserve energy and recycle. Since 2010 the company headquarters and manufacturing facility in Campodarsego, Italy, is powered by solar energy, utilizes an LED illumination system, features an efficient low water consumption system for the cleaning of its tanks, and has structured its production cycles in a way that minimizes chalk powder and wax-crayon byproduct with the ultimate goal of reducing waste as much as possible. Moreover, we carefully select responsible, certified partners, who for example process plastic waste to make it reusable for other companies.

Each product and its packaging is carefully conceived and designed in order to be reusable for other purposes. Take for example the PRIMO poster paint tank: a cheap and environmentally-friendly package that friends can share in school, at home or even at a party. Once empty they can be used for a variety of creative purposes and projects.

Valentina, blogger mom and graphic designer of Mami Chips Crafts, has created a photo tutorial* to show how you can create practical bag holders using the PRIMO poster paint tank, some cloth and a few other tools. Of course allowing room for you to free your own creativity!

What do you think? You can even decorate it with Morocolor textile paint! And when you won’t need the bag holder anymore don’t forget that the tank is entirely recyclable since it is made of pe-hd. Create your own bag holder following the recycling project and share your pictures on the social networks and on Morocolor Facebook page with the hashtag #coloraericicla!

If you like this tutorial about creative recycling stay tuned, many more are coming! In order to receive the PDF with all tutorials realized by Valentina just write an email to

*ATTENTION! All tutorials can be realized by children only under the supervision and the help of an adult.