Easydò play dough Cubidò - turtle

Easydò play dough

Cubidò - turtle

3 x 60 g
Play dough set in creative cube, 3 pieces in 3 colours.
A small, compact cube for creative children eager to build a better world! Get inspired by watching the video, cut out some drawings and have fun creating with this soft, fluffy dough. Discover how you can make a marine turtle happy and protect the oceans!
CE0-34+Made in Italy new
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Soft modeling dough set, 3 colours. Easydò with gluten is a coloured modeling dough made with raw materials of 95% plant origin.  It is very soft, elastic and pleasant to manipulate and does not dirty your hands. It is made to be remodeled many times if stored away from air to prevent it from drying out. Its colours are vivid and bright and they remain so once it completely dries. It dries slowly. Dermatologically tested.

29.2x22.2x20.4 cm
2.76 kg