Wax crayons 12 colours

Wax crayons

12 colours

Ø 9 x 85 mm
Resistant wax crayons, in carton box, 12 colours.
A simple cardboard box with a few colours can bring a lot of imagination and creativity for everyone. You can pair them with our 12 additional colours for more shades and convenience, because you only choose the box you need!
CE0-33+Made in Italy new
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Wax crayons, high resistance, in a cardboard box, 12 colours. Wax-based colour, leaves a vivid, glossy tone mark. Smooth and easy to use, suitable for artists of all ages. It is eco-friendly because it produces no waste, and lasts over time. It can be used on paper or cardboard and is best on rough paper. Colors can be applied in successive layers that can be overlapped. Does not dirty your hands.

17x12x15 cm
1.05 kg