Minabella coloured pencils 144 minabella
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Minabella coloured pencils

144 minabella

Ø 3.8 mm
Coloured pencils, hexagonal, lacquered, high quality in schoolbox with partition shelves, 144 pieces, 12 colours.
Coloured pencils are the real essence of creative expression. They are perfect in any occasions and for artists of all ages. Remember that our pencils respect the environment because they are FSC™ certified. With such a box, you will never remain out of pencils!
CE0-33+__Shiny coloursDiameter 3,8mmHigh qualityHighly pigmented
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Hexagonal coloured pencils of high quality in school box with partition shelves: 144 pieces, 12 colours. They have a thicker lead, they are resistant and highly pigmented. Tones of Minabella pencils are intense and long lasting and marks can be overlapped and mixed together to obtain soft chiaroscuro effects. They are easy to sharpen and suitable for any type of paper.

53x26.5x28 cm
9.22 kg
certificato FSC™