Minabella premium pencils 12 minabella duo

Minabella premium pencils

12 minabella duo

Ø 3.8 mm
Hexagonal coloured pencils minabella duo, double-colour, in carton box, 24 colours.
You get 24 colours but only 12 pencils, you gain space in your pencil case but it is actually better equipped and then... such a thick mine in a bicolor pencil has never been seen! It's the new minabella duo. Double tip, double satisfaction.
CE0-33+diemeter 3,8 2021
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Hexagonal coloured pencils of high quality with thicker lead, resistant and highly pigmented. Tones of Minabella pencils are intense and long lasting and marks can be overlapped and mixed together to obtain soft chiaroscuro effects. They are easy to sharpen and suitable for any type of paper.

38x22x9.5 cm
2.38 kg
certificato FSC™