Coloured clear glue Sparkling slime set

Coloured clear glue

Sparkling slime set

5 x 240 ml
Sparkling slime set, carton case, 3 coloured glues, 1 slime activator, 1 perlescent in bottle.
Thanks to this set you can create a fantastic slime in an exaggerated amount and with a new sparkling and magical shade! You will get an elastic and fun slime in no time, quickly and easily, for a disgusting fun!
CE0-33+Made in Italy new
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Our coloured water-based glue is clear and glossy, solvent-free and gluten-free. It can be easily washed. It is available in a 240 ml PET bottle, with a measuring cap and a safety cap, to be removed before use. It is ideal for making slime. Pour 60 ml of glue into a bowl and add 30 ml of activator, mix well until you obtain a compact and uniform consistency. Manipulate for a few minutes. By mixing the three colours you can get endless new shades, and thanks to the new pearlescent you can also get a shimmering shade. Once you are finished playing, the slime can be stored in an airtight container.

38.4x26.3x24.4 cm
8.1 kg