Textile paint Bottle 125 ml


Textile paint

Bottle 125 ml

Fluo textile paint
Textile paint, bottle with flow-control cap, 4 fluorescent colours.
4 joyful colours you can use to create and personalize not only t-shirts but anything you can think of: bags, shoes, lamps…. These colours always remain bright and elastic, even when they dry.
Made in Italy newHobby&professional
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Water-based product with a high concentration of resin and pigments, permanent on textiles once it dries. Its formula is specifically studied to achieve various decorative effects. Putting a sheet of paper underneath the piece of fabric you are painting on is highly recommended to avoid that paint bleeds onto another surface.
Even when applied in thicker layers, it does not crack and remains elastic. Thanks to its thick consistency, our textile paint can be applied in very thin layers and once dry it remains soft with a good coverage and colours are vivid and luminous. If diluted with a water to colour ratio of 1:5 it creates an extremely thin film on the fabric which remains soft. Diluted like this, it can be also applied with an airbrush. It is not necessary to fix it on the fabric but it's very important to let it dry at least 24 hours at temperatures between 18 and 25 °C . After having let it dry, in case of ironing, iron inside out after putting a sheet of baking parchment on the painted surface and a piece of cloth between the iron and the fabric to avoid stains on the iron. Remove immediately accidental flecks with water and soap. Wash at 30°. Remove safety under cap before use.

14.5x9.6x12.2 cm
1 kg