Complementary products Acrylic glue

Complementary products

Acrylic glue

Bottle 125 ml
Acrylic glue in bottles with a flow-control cap.
Complementary products to glue, varnish, prepare your backgrounds and refine painting as well as hobby and découpage works.
Made in Italy newHobby&professional
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This acrylic-based glue is ideal for decoupage techniques where it has a double function of glueing and varnishing at the same time. It perfectly adheres to surfaces and thanks to its glossiness, it allows for luminous effects and has a protective function. Because of its high resin concentration, the paper remains partially dry. It can be diluted at a maximum water to product ratio of 1:1. Once dry it is permanent and cannot be washed off from textiles and surfaces. Therefore brushes should be cleaned after usage and stains immediately removed with water. For a perfect long-lasting effect it is highly recommended to wait until the product is completely dry. Remove safety under cap before use.


14.5x9.6x12.2 cm
1 kg