Ready-mix special colours Bottle 300 ml


Ready-mix special colours

Bottle 300 ml

Pastel poster paint
Pastel poster paint in bottle with flow-control cap, 6 colours.
Do you feel like painting and relaxing at the same time? Experiment with all the possibilities of ready-mix pastel colours , you will get works of art with soft, delicate shades, perfect for surrounding yourself with harmony.
CE0-33+WashingMade in Italy new
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Ready-mix poster paint in a range of six pastel colours. It can be easily spread to form intense layers, especially when applied in multiple layers. If spread in thin layers it creates delicate shadings.  It allows for materic effects, opaque and overlapping layering, having care to wait for a perfect drying. The brushstroke is uniform, with excellent results. It can be used on different surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, glass, terracotta, metal and plastic. The paint is not permanent but it can be fixed with a suitable fixative. It can be used together with the entire Morocolor water-based product range and stains should be removed following the instructions provided. 

21.5x14.5x16.7 cm
2.5 kg