Complementary products Mat varnish

Complementary products

Mat varnish

Bottle 125 ml
Mat varnish in bottles with a flow-control cap.
Complementary products to glue, varnish, prepare your backgrounds and refine painting as well as hobby and découpage works.
Made in Italy newHobby&professional
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This water-based opaque varnish of the finest quality is ideal for finishing touches. It adheres to any type of surface and paint. Due to its low viscosity, it can be spread in very thin layers: Once it dries it creates an opaque and uniform film. To obtain thicker layers it is recommended to wait until the first layer is completely dry before applying further layers (24 hours are necessary). Product should be mixed before usage and brushes should be washed well with water. Remove safety under cap before use.

14.3x9.5x11.9 cm
1.2 kg