The PRIMO anniversary palette: for children's dreams

A special 50th anniversary: a palette dedicated to children's dreams 

This yesr, Morocolor celebrates the 50th anniversary since the creation of our iconic 12-color watercolour palette, designed long ago by 1900s Italian artist Giorgio Zorzi. To celebrate the anniversary, we have come up with a special edition, dedicated to children's dreams.  
Just like many years ago, PRIMO watercolour tablets, made from powders with a high pigment content, allow opaque and brilliant drafts, creating magical effects on paper, ideal for drawing your dreams and wishes. But watercolour is more than just an artistic tool; it has a deep and ancient history rooted in humanity's earliest cave paintings. 

A journey through time: the millennia-old origins of watercolour 

From the earliest times, humans have used watercolour-like techniques by mixing water and pigments to paint stories on cave walls. Over the centuries, this technique has evolved, becoming a favorite tool for depicting natural subjects, animals and landscapes. Watercolour has become the ideal medium for telling stories through evocative and nuanced images, leaving room for imagination and magic. 

Painting dreams with watercolour: the perfect technique for intangible shades 

Morocolor wants to dedicate the special 50th anniversary edition of the PRIMO 12-color palette to children's dreams. Dreams are images that arise from the deepest and most magical part of each of us, and watercolour, with its nuances and its ability to superimpose, seems to be the perfect tool to bring them to life. We wish that children's dreams and wishes can take shape, not only on paper

From pigments to tablets: the process of creating watercolours 

There is also a much more concrete side to this story: that of its production. All PRIMO watercolours are produced in our on factory, in the province of Padua, Italy using solar energy. The process of creating PRIMO watercolours requires creativity, knowledge and experience. First, a liquid mixture containing fillers, binders and pigment dispersion is prepared. This is then subjected to a water evaporation process. The result is a fine, precise powder that is pressed and processed into our tablets. It is the precision of this process that ensures the quality and definition of the brushstrokes. 

The art of colors: knowledge and experience to achieve extraordinary results 

The art of color requires dedication and passion, as well as a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. Our commitment to ensuring the quality of our watercolours is evidenced by continuous research and development so that young artists can achieve extraordinary results in each of their works. 

Watercolour is a timeless artistic medium that allows us to tell stories and bring our dreams to life. PRIMO's special 50th anniversary palette is a tribute to the magic of watercolour and the imagination of children. We hope this special edition will inspire artists of all ages to express their creativity and paint their dreams.