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PRIMO and M9: the new educational set

Venice Mestre, 20 May 2023  M9 and PIMO: the new educational set M9 - Museo del '900 and Morocolor Italia SpA present the new educational kit Ditacolor PRIMO and M9, born from the collaboration between the M9 Education department and Morocolor. The kit, a co-branding, limited edition, is contains 6 ready-to-use pots of… View More

Discover the Baptistery of Padova with the new Activity Book sponsored by Morocolor

A brand new publishing product will soon accompany young students on a visit to the Baptistery of Padua Cathedral: "Ti racconto la mia Padova. The Cathedral Baptistery and life at the time of the Signoria Carrarese". The 'Activity Book' is designed to involve young children, which will accompany one of the proposals for schools. The Activity Book is a project of the Diocesan… View More

Morocolor at Open Factory, come visit our colour factory!

Morocolor is happy to participate in the 2022 edition of Open Factory! On the afternoon of Sunday, November 27, we will open our factory for anyone who wants to visit. Curious to find out how colors are made? You can book your spot at this link! Why Open… View More

Circondiamoci d'Arte is back! 2022, Second Edition

Circondiamoci d'Arte is back!  In June 2021, we had organized the first edition of Circondiamoci d'Arte, dedicated to parents and children, to find a shared dimension of artistic creation after the pandemic. Given its success, we decided to organize a second edition, this… View More

Morocolor joins FSC Forest Week

31 percent of our Planet's land area is currently covered by forest ecosystems, totaling about 4 billion hectares of forests. Forests help regulate the water cycle, prevent flooding, and provide food and shelter for animals and living things. As well as being home to about two-thirds of the living species, animal and plant, that are known to us: more than one million different species. Morocolor believes that… View More