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Colours made of imagination and wishes

With PRIMO we decided to embark on a journey to discover unknown colours in the world. To be able to do so, we relied on our best creatives: children. We launched the #NewColourCandidate competition on our social media. SuperBlu, Everanto, Violino, Rossomarte, MielOro, Verdemondo are some of the many invented colours that we have selected for this pack of poster paint. Colours made of imagination and… View More

"The example is more important than words": the story of Plastic Free Onlus

Plastic Free was born two years ago, on July 29, 2019, with the aim of informing and raising awareness about the danger of plastic for the environment. The Onlus takes its first steps from the understanding that a coordinated and effective effort is needed to free the world from plastic waste as much and as fast as possible. According to a recent WWF research, every year are released into the sea… View More

You can change your point of view: drawing badly to work better

Why we stop drawing when we grow up The act of painting, drawing or otherwise creating art is generally considered as an activity for either children or professionals. Except at school and in recreational activities forchildren, art is experienced as exclusively for artists. Both cause and consequence of this phenomenon is the tendency to consider the scientific/rational method as the only effective way to… View More

Treedom: nature and technology for a greener planet

Treedom: from game to reality Treedom was founded in 2010 by a startup developed in Florence by two friends, Federico Garcea and Tommaso Speroni. The inspiration comes from Farmville, a game in which each user can create his own virtual farm: Treedom makes it possible to create entire forests from the screen of a computer or a cell phone, with the difference that the… View More

In the world of Štěpán Zavřel...

Venice 14th October 18th November   Last days for the exhibition "In the world of Štěpán Zavřel" at the headquarters of @Fondazione di Venezia: 26 original works by the Bohemian artist who changed completely the concept of illustrated books for children whose feelings for art, in his opinion, should be stimulated from their early age. The exhibition… View More