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Recounting and Reporting: the importance of sustainability certification

Sostenibilità è prendersi cura di chi verrà  Secondo un report delle Nazioni Unite del 1987, «L’umanità ha la possibilità di rendere sostenibile lo sviluppo, cioè di far sì che esso soddisfi i bisogni dell’attuale generazione senza compromettere la capacità delle generazioni future di rispondere ai loro». Si tratta di avere rispetto delle risorse a disposizione per preservare lo stato… View More

M9 presents: GUSTO! Italians at the table 1970-2050

GUSTO! The first exhibition of a new trilogy by M9 On March 25, the exhibition GUSTO! (litt. TASTE!) Italians at the Table 1970-2050 opened to the public at… View More

From Afghanistan to Ukraine, photography and design for social change: Now You See Me Moria

The origins Now You See Me Moria is a design and photography-based project aiming at raising awareness and inspiring action in relation to the human right issue of forced migration. It was born in 2020 out of a moment of personal loss. Photographer and founder Noemi had recently lost the love of her life to the consequences of forced migration. While… View More

One Ocean: a changing approach to preserve the marine environment

One Ocean: a story linked to the sea One Ocean Foundation was born on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Costa Smeralda yacht club. The first step is the organization of a forum in Milan in 2017, to which actors from the public and private sectors working closely with the sea were invited. The actual association was opened in 2018 with the aim of accelerating the… View More

How to reduce waste? Thoughts about the World Conservation Day

Friday, February 18, 2022 marks the World Energy Saving Day, or Battery Day. We are living in a moment of tension, due to increases on energy prices. This recurrence can be taken as a incentive to reflect on the world around us and the one we would like to build.  The history of the world day The World Energy Saving Day has its roots in India, where in 1991 the… View More