Wax crayons 12 supersoft
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Wax crayons

12 supersoft

triangular, h 85 mm
Triangular wax crayons, unwrapped, in PP box, 12 colours.
These triangular wax crayons are extremely soft, so that even young children can have fun with them. The traces they leave on paper are so luminous and intense that you could keep drawing for hours. What happens if a crayon falls on the floor? Nothing: they are soft and resistant and the same time!
CE0-33+Made in Italy new
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Triangular wax crayons, unwrapped, 12 colours. These wax-based crayons leave a vivid and shiny mark on paper or cardboard, even better on rough paper. With their ergonomic shape they are easy to use for young children and suitable for artists of all ages. They are very break-resistant. Colours can be applied in multiple layers. They do not make your hands dirty.


32x21.5x10.9 cm
2.36 kg