Wax crayons 10 colours
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Wax crayons

10 colours

Ø 9 x 80 mm
Wax crayons with ergonomic sheath, PP, 10 colours.
It looks like a wax crayon but it is a lot more! We created this sheath so you can easily grab it. Leave a mark on a sheet of paper and look how bright and dense it is. But this is not all: if you overlap layers of different colours and then draw on them with the plastick knife you will obtain wonderful effects!
CE0-33+Made in Italy new
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Wax crayons with ergonomic sheath, in plastic box, 10 colours and one plastic knife. These wax-based crayons leave a vivid and shiny mark on paper or cardboard, even better on rough paper. They are easy to use for young children and suitable for artists of all ages. Colours can be applied in multiple layers.
They do not make your hands dirty.

22.1x17x13.6 cm
1.9 kg
1 plastic knife