Coloured pencils 36 Jumbo

Coloured pencils

36 Jumbo

Ø 5.5 mm
Jumbo coloured pencils, hexagonal, lacquered, in pot of 36, 12 colours.
Jumbo coloured pencils are a little thicker than the other ones, so that even a small child can grab them easily and start drawing his dreams. Available in 12 beautiful tones!
CE0-33+__Diameter 5,5mmJumbo12 colours
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Coloured jumbo pencils, hexagonal, lacquered, in a pot of 36, 12 colours. Thanks to their ergonomic jumbo shape, they are ideal for young children. Tones are vivid and bright. Marks can be overlapped and mixed together to obtain soft chiaroscuro effects. Suitable for any type of paper.

24.3x16.6x20.7 cm
2.9 kg
certificato FSC™