Modelling clay Block 550 g


Modelling clay

Block 550 g

Modeling clay block, 10 colours.
Finally a lot of coloured modelling clay which can be transformed in many different objects, characters and shapes and will always remain bright. You can knead it and knead it again, expressing your creativity with ten beautiful colours.
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Modellling clay, ten colours and two plastic cutters. This is a modelling, wax-based dough, available in different vivid colours. Kneaded with the hands it becomes soft and malleable and it can be further worked with the plastic cutter. Colours can be mixed with each other to create new tones and shadings. It can be reused even after a long time because it does not dry.
Keep away from heat sources. Remove all packaging before giving modelling clay to your child. Content could stain. Protect clothes and furnishing. In case of stains on fabrics: remove light stains with water and soap, by handwashing. In case of product remains on fabrics: remove them with a spatula and treat remaining stains with olive oil. Then wash with plenty of water and soap.

23.2x23x14.5 cm
6.9 kg
1 modelling stick