Easydò gluten free dough 24 pieces

Easydò gluten free dough

24 pieces

100 g
Play dough set in schoolbox, 24 pieces easydò gluten free, 6 colours.
A wonderful creative case with 24 soft modeling clay bars, ideal for working in groups and stimulating children to develop a feeling for colours and shape. Practical and convenient.
CE0-33+Made in Italy newDermatologically tested6 coloursdon't eat! 2021gluten free99% natural
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Sof­t modelling dough, in a schoolbox of 24 pieces, six colours. Easydò gluten free is a colorful and gluten free modelling dough made with raw materials of 99% plant origin. Well malleable and mixable, elastic, pleasant to the touch, it does not make your hands dirty. If it slightly dries up, the addition of some water makes it elastic and mouldable again. Its colours are vivid and bright and they remain the same once it completely dries. If you want to reuse it, please prevent easydò to have contact with air after use to avoid drying. Dermatologically tested.

53x26.3x28.1 cm
16.4 kg