Nail Art 6 colours, Spring

Nail Art

6 colours, Spring

Nail art kit
Acrylic paint, 25 ml, 6 colours.
Six delicate and fresh tones ideal for a blossoming spring.
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Our acrylic paint for micro painting on nails was specifically studied for this particular use and for all of the techniques that facilitate extremely thin and detailed paintings on small surfaces previously treated for this purpose. The highly pigmented colours can be applied very easily, are bright and results are impressive, thanks to the characteristics of the paint which allow for high definition and precision. If used with complementary tools, effects similar to more traditional techniques such as watercolor and oil painting can be achieved. For the nail art technique this product must be applied to previously polished natural fingernails or on reconstructed nails, then fixed with gel or nail polish for better preservation. It adheres well to fingernails covered with suitable products such as acrylic gel, soak off gel or traditional nail polish. Thanks to the large amount of acrylic resin and its low film forming temperature, it does not crack even with a top coat polish.  Once it dries it is permanent, therefore stains should be immediately removed with water and soap.