Structure pastes 3D

Structure pastes


Pot 250 ml
Acrylic structure paste, water-based, in pot. Three-dimensional effect.
A thick white paste for tridimensional effects: with a hairdryer it grows creating three-dimensional effects!
Made in Italy newHobby&professional
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Water-based structure paste, coarse and opaque, used for creating rough surfaces, reliefs and irregular three-dimensional structures. If applied in thick layers and warmed up with a hairdryer at a high temperature it grows creating three-dimensional effects. Depending on the temperature and the drying time, results are different: at a higher temperature and after a longer drying time the “growing effect” becomes more evident. Once cold and completely dry it is permanent and it perfectly retains its volume remaining rigid. It can be painted with the entire Morocolor product range. When mixed with paint the result is a coloured structuring paste for creating coloured three-dimensional effects.
Stains should be removed immediately from textiles and surfaces, with water and soap before the paste dries.

24x16.2x10.9 cm
2.34 kg