Soft pastel chalks and gypsum 24 pastel chalks

Soft pastel chalks and gypsum

24 pastel chalks

13x13x80 mm
Soft pastel chalks, square section, with self-adhesive paper wrap, 24 colours.
Rooted in a long tradition, these are our most beautiful chalks: vivid and bright on any surface, from paper to the street. For a permanent result, a fixing agent is necessary to preserve your work.
Made in Italy newHobby&professional
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Calcium sulfate-based chalks, soft and intense coloured. Ideal for artists, they can be used on different types of surfaces and allow for good coverage and brilliant and vivid results. Very well suited for the dry pastel technique on paper, cardboard and corrugated paper. If harmoniously mixed together and shaded the colours allow for the creation of a large range of intermediate tones and nuances. If applied on colored or black paper sheets interesting contrasting effects can be achieved. Highly recommended for street artists because of their characteristics of excellent coverage and chromatic intensity which facilitates works of impressive visual impact. If a permanent result is desired, it is necessary to use a fixative to preserve chalk works.

37.5x22x26 cm
9.5 kg