Soft pastel chalks and gypsum Gypsum 1 kg
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Soft pastel chalks and gypsum

Gypsum 1 kg

Pure gypsum in bucket, 1 kg.
A product with tradition: pure gypsum to realize objects that can then be decorated and painted with our colours!
Made in Italy newHobby&professional
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This pure gypsum is ideal to shape objects and painting substrates. Mix together one or two parts of gypsum and one part of water in order for the powder to be uniformly wet and wait a couple of minutes. Then mix well to obtain a paste without clumps and pour it into your mould. Extract it only after 30 minutes, when the material is hard enough. Forms can at this point be painted with water-based products or varnishes. By adding some vinyl glue to the water (one part glue for eight parts water) results will be more compact and elastic. In this way the paste can be applied with a spatula on a rough surface to create the background for painting works. Do not throw waste into the sink.

40.5x27.5x16.1 cm
6.6 kg