Fine Acrylic Paint 5 primary colours

Fine Acrylic Paint

5 primary colours

75 ml
Fine acrylic paint, in tube, 5 primary colours.
The essential product for artists: three primary colours plus black and white. This product is also a practical refill for the most used colours.
Made in Italy new H&PHobby&professional
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Fine acrylic paint, in tubes, 5 primary colours. Water-based paint of the finest quality with a high concentration of pigmented acrylic suspension. Characterized by high opacity, once dry it is completely permanent. It can be applied easily, and washes are consistent, elastic, vivid, pleasant and resistant to the touch. At least 24 hours are necessary for it to dry completely, temperatures should range between 18 and 25 °C. It can be used on any type of surface, suitable for the various watercolor techniques but also for decoration and hobby activities such as decoupage, as it reacts very well to varnishes and additives utilized in such techniques. Tones are intense and effects are impressive; by mixing them together new harmonious and vivid tones can be obtained. It can be varnished with acrylic varnish and therefore becomes more long-lasting, brighter and more durable. It can be mixed with the entire Morocolor water-based product range. 

37x23.5x15.5 cm
7.5 kg