Blackboard paint Pot 250 ml


Blackboard paint

Pot 250 ml

Acrylic paint for blackboard effects, in pot, 4 colours.
Blackboard paint is a real surprise: you can paint an entire wall of your bedroom and draw your kitty on it or you can help mom to paint a kitchen corner: for her favorite recipes or what she still needs to buy. You can even apply it on wood or cardboard and make your own blackboard. And there is a lot more you can do with it….
Made in Italy new H&PHobby&professional
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Highly pigmented matt paint, with a high covering capacity, for reproducing the traditional blackboard effect, available in many colors to emphasize the mark of a piece of chalk. It adheres to any type of surfaces (wood, metal, concrete, clay, plastic, cardboard etc.) and it can be easily applied with a roller, taking care to make the surface where it is applied uniform. Successive paint washes are possible and drying times depend on the type of surface where it is applied (6-12 hours to dry, blackboard effect is achieved after 48 hours).  By mixing the colours together new intermediate tones can be obtained. Once dry it becomes permanent. Average coverage: 8-10m2/l depending on the surface. Stains should be removed immediately from textiles with water and soap before the paint dries.


15.8x23.5x10.5 cm
2.17 kg